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Announcing the 14th National Rural Health Conference Grant

14th National Rural Health Conference

Applications are now open for the 14th NRHC Grant. 

The 14th National Rural Health Conference will be held in Cairns, in tropical north Queensland, Australia from 26 to 29 April 2017.  The 14th Conference is part of 'A World of Rural Health' that also includes the 14th World Rural Health Conference. 

The application form and selection process, the levels of funding available, and the payment and reporting requirements are given in the 14th NRHC grant Guidelines.

How to apply for a 14th NRHC grant

Apply using the 14th NRHC Application Form and submit it by email to by Thursday 9 February 2017. Please note that applications submitted after the due date may not be considered. 

Applications will be assessed and applicants notified of the outcome usually within one week of the due date for the conference.

If your application is successful your 14th NRHC grant will be paid directly to you, half before the conference and half after the conference, subject to the requirements outlined in the CPP Guidelines. You will be responsible for making your own registration, travel and accommodation arrangements for the conference.


Statutory Declaration

To complete requirements for payment of the second instalment of a 14th NRHC grant, recipients must provide a statutory declaration. The declaration must be provided as a hard copy. Please download and complete the declaration and post it to: 

National Rural Health Alliance
PO Box 280


RAMUS Newsletter

The RAMUS Newsletter for December 2016 is now available. In this issue you will find scholars' end of year requirements. 

Join RAMUS on Facebook!

The RAMUS Facebook group now has over 470 members! Joining the RAMUS Facebook group is a great way to stay connected with your RAMUS peers and to keep up to date with all the latest RAMUS happenings.

If you haven't joined yet, but would like to please contact RAMUS at Before requesting to join, please ensure you have read the Terms of Use.

Membership of the RAMUS Facebook group is voluntary. If you don’t wish to join, rest assured you won’t miss out on receiving information and news about RAMUS as we will continue to communicate with you through our usual channels.

AJRH Access for Scholars

Australian Journal of Rural Health

Current RAMUS scholars receive free online access to the Australian Journal of Rural Health (AJRH)

AJRH is a multidisciplinary refereed journal. It is peer reviewed and listed in Medline, as well as being covered by other major abstracting and indexing services. It provides research information, policy articles and reflections related to health care in rural and remote areas of Australia, and is an important publication vehicle for researchers and practitioners.

AJRH is listed in Thomson ISI with an impact factor of 1.343. The Journal is listed in the Excellence in Research Australia (ERA) 2012 journal list published by the Australian Research Council.

AJRH access for current RAMUS scholars

Indemnity and Insurance

We sometimes receive questions from scholars and mentors about indemnity and insurance arrangements for scholars planning or undertaking clinical activities associated with the RAMUS mentoring program. 

RAMUS scholars are responsible for ensuring they have the appropriate indemnity insurance.

It is your responsibility as a RAMUS scholar to ensure that you have the appropriate indemnity insurance cover if you are undertaking supervised clinical activity as part of your RAMUS-related rural activities; for example, during visits to or placements with your RAMUS mentor.

Because such RAMUS activities may not form part of your formal university course and curriculum requirements, you should not assume that these activities are automatically covered by the university’s indemnity and insurance arrangements for medical students.  You should check whether the planned activities are included in your university indemnity insurance cover.

You should also consider joining a medical defence organisation (MDO) that provides medical indemnity insurance. Several MDOs offer special insurance packages for medical students for free or at low cost. Among the MDOs are:





This is not necessarily a complete list. The RAMUS Scheme does not recommend or endorse any MDO or insurance policy. The Australian Medical Students’ Association or your university’s medical students’ club may be able to give you more information about medical student insurance packages.

Medical practices or health services at which you intend to undertake supervised clinical activity may ask you to provide evidence of your indemnity insurance cover.

Update your details

Have your contact details changed? 

Contact the RAMUS Team:

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National Rural Health Alliance
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