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Completing Scholars 2017

Congratulations on completing your medical studies! 

Here we set out the final acquittal requirements for your RAMUS. 

Completing your scholarship

Requirements (please submit by 31 December 2017)

How to submit

Scholar Report 2017

Your report should be 500-1,000 words and cover your involvement in rural activities, your contact with your RAMUS mentor and what you have gained from your 2015 Scholar-Mentor Plan.

Your comments on your experience of RAMUS overall would also be very welcome.

Complete pro forma, and email as an attachment to RAMUS, or submit a hard copy by mail or fax

Academic results 2017

Official university documentation of your academic results for 2017.

Provide a copy by email, mail or fax

Completing Scholar Details Form

This ensures that we have accurate contact details for you. You can also use this form to join the RAMUS Alumnus program.

Complete, sign and return by email as an attachment, or submit by mail or fax

Mentor Report 2017

Mentor to return to RAMUS team by 31 December 2017

RAMUS Alumnus Program

As a new graduate, we hope that you will join the RAMUS Alumnus program to maintain your links with RAMUS and connect with fellow doctors who share a commitment to rural practice. More details are available on the Alumnus page.